Indiana aims to clarify, strengthen rules on exotics


Indiana aims to clarify, strengthen rules on exotics

Aug 21, 2009
By staff
Indianapolis, Ind. -- Several sections of Indiana's regulations pertaining to the sale and possession of reptiles, amphibians and fish are under review by the state's Department of Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Division and could go through some revision.

Some of the possible changes include banning the sale of turtles not native to Indiana with shells smaller than 4 inches long, and allowing people to take reptiles and amphibians native to Indiana from the wild as long as the number taken falls within a harvest limitation.

Most of the proposed changes do not substantially change but rather clarify previous policies.

A full document outlining the proposed changes can be found here.

Comments are being accepted online until a hearing occurs on the proposed changes. As of press time, no hearing had been set.