Korean firm performs first commercial dog cloning

Korean firm performs first commercial dog cloning

Aug 20, 2008
By dvm360.com staff
Seoul, Korea -- The first commercial-ordered cloned dogs were born late last month as the result of a joint effort between Seoul National University and RNL Bio Co. Ltd.

RNL, a company working on the development of stem cell therapeutics and the commercialization of dog cloning technology, successfully cloned an American woman's pet dog.

The five clones were born from two different surrogate mothers.

Seoul National University Professor Byeong-Chun Lee identified the puppies as the genuine clones and a reconfirmation is currently being conducted by The Department of Forensic Medicine at Seoul National University's College of Medicine.

The cloning was done in just 70 days, including the two-month gestation period, which is a first in dog cloning history.

RNL and the dogs' owner have discussed training some of the clones as service dogs for the handicapped or elderly.

In addition to the successful cloning, RNL has developed stem cell therapeutics to address unmet medical needs based on its proprietary technology using adult stem cells including fat stem cells and placental stem cells. RNL already launched stem cell therapeutics for animals to treat arthritis, kidney failure, bone fracture and spinal cord injury.