Laminitis should be top research concern, say AAEP members

Laminitis should be top research concern, say AAEP members

Oct 23, 2009
By staff
National report -- Laminitis tops the list of equine medical conditions that members of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) say need more research.

The 2009 Membership Equine Research Study from the AAEP Foundation cited a several conditions for which members want more information. Here’s the list, in order of highest to lowest priority:

Laminitis, colic, arthritis, tendon injuries, navicular disease, racing injuries, suspensory ligament injuries, foot problems, osteochondritis dissecans, rhinopneumonitis, recurrent lower airway disease and foal pneumonia.

When asked what technologies need more research, survey respondents pointed to horse side laboratory tests, regenerative medicine, imaging, genetic testing and vaccines.

Almost three-quarters of members say they’re willing to record data from cases and control animals for research, and 55 percent want to record their data on the Web.