Louisiana veterinarian charged with shooting neighbor's dog

Louisiana veterinarian charged with shooting neighbor's dog

Dr. Kelly Folse is currently incarcerated in connection with the incident.
Dec 23, 2017
By dvm360.com staff

Dr. Kelly Folse (photo courtesy of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office)Kelly Folse, DVM, 35, of River Ridge, Louisiana, was arrested Dec. 19 in connection with the shooting death of a neighbor's dog, according to a report from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Dr. Folse, an associate at Abadie Veterinary Hospital, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm, and possession of schedule II and schedule IV drugs.

On Dec. 13, deputies responded to a report that a dog at a veterinary hospital was being treated for a gunshot wound. The dog, which was owned by a resident of River Ridge, presented with severe injuries and died the next day, the sheriff’s office reports.

The resulting investigation came to focus on Dr. Folse, who lived next door to the dog’s owner. “Folse is believed to have made numerous prior threats towards the dog because she thought it barked too much and she alleged it to be aggressive,” the sheriff’s report reads. “Our investigators were not able to find any evidence that the dog had shown prior aggressive behavior, even after several interviews in the neighborhood.”

A sheriff’s detective later obtained a search warrant for Dr. Folse’s home and recovered two different types of narcotics, leading to the drug charges. Detectives believe Dr. Folse obtained one of the narcotics through prescriptions intended for her own pets.

While Dr. Folse worked at the hospital that treated the dog, she wasn’t involved in the dog’s care after the shooting, the sheriff’s office states.

Dr. Folse’s attorney has told local news outlets that his client did not shoot the dog. However, she appears to have lost her job as a result of the incident. Scott Abadie, DVM, owner of the clinic where Dr. Folse worked, wrote in a Facebook post, “All of us at Abadie Veterinary Hospital are shocked and disgusted by the actions of Kelly Folse. Our practice has always strived to provide the best medical care in a compassionate environment to our clients pets. The minute Kelly Folse was suspected in the incident with Bruizer she was terminated immediately.”

Dr. Abadie and his employees worked with the sheriff’s office in its investigation, providing “as much information as we could to help with the arrest of Kelly Folse,” the post continues.

Dr. Folse is currently incarcerated at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

Veteerinarian charged with shooting neighbors dog

Another rush to judgement. Dr. Kelly Folse stated she did not shoot the dog but she was fired anyway.
It seems like everyone in this country has forgotten the rule of law i.e. innocent until proven guilty.
Certainly a suspension pending the outcome of a police investigation would be appropriate for any PR concerns but firing?
If it turns out she shot the dog without cause firing would certainly be appropriate but what is the vet owner going to do if it turns out she is innocent?
The system and process works if people will give it a chance but the demonizing and character assassination along with such rush to judgments has become a cancer in society today.

If Dr. Folse is found

If Dr. Folse is found innocent, I sincerely hope she sues Dr. Abadie for every penny he has for wrongful termination - "at will" state or no will not protect you under circumstances like this, Dr. Abadie. How shameful to throw an associate under the bus as soon as there is a whiff of the social media mob rattling pitchforks at you. Coward. I am, however, not "shocked and disgusted" by his actions as they are typical in this farce of a highly dysfunctional profession. Member struggling with something? Throw 'em to the wolves, all those "wellness" CEUs that have popped up in recent years be damned, fire first and ask questions later.