LSU studies effects of influenza exposure in horses

LSU studies effects of influenza exposure in horses

May 17, 2002
By staff

Baton Rouge, La. - Researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) are investigating whether horses' exposure to influenza virus would reduce the risk of developing recurring airway obstruction (RAO) disease.

Scientists in the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine are studying the effects of viral infections on the immune response of neonatal foals.

"It's become pretty obvious that RAO disorders are a result of allergic reactions," says Dr. David Horohov, principal investigator and professor of veterinary immunology. "With this study we're hoping to provide insight into the consequence of early viral exposure and the tendency of horses to develop allergic immune response in their lungs."

The first part of the study will focus on the immunologic function of the foal's lung during its first year of life. The second part will determine what effect a viral infection will have on the lung's immune response.

The study is being funded by the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.