MAF, AVMF partner to study infectious diseases


MAF, AVMF partner to study infectious diseases

Feb 29, 2008
By staff

Denver, Colo. - 2/29/08 - The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) and the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) will, for the second year in a row, co-sponsor two studies to fight canine and avian influenza viruses.

With the ability to jump from one species to another, the viruses will be studied to help avoid major health issues by determining how to best monitor and contain them.

"Canine and avian influenza viruses can cause illness and death in dogs and birds, as well as other animal species and people. We need to understand how these viruses spread in order to provide prevention and treatment," says Patricia Olson, DVM, PhD and MAF CEO.

Led by Dr. Cynda Crawford from the University of Florida, the canine influenza study will examine canine flu infections and methods of transmission in animal shelters. Drs. Justin Brown and David Stallknecht, both from the University of Georgia, will study avian influenza's survival capabilities in water, with the intention of providing further insight into how the viruses are spread.