Man arrested after threatening veterinary staff

Man arrested after threatening veterinary staff

Distraught over the death of a cat, 68-year-old threatens to take an AK-47 to hospital.
Jan 10, 2013

Apparently distraught over the death of a cat, Fred William Meyer, 68, threatened an act of violence against the staff of Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City, Okla., Jan. 7. According to reports, Meyer yelled, “I’m gonna take an AK-47 up there and shoot them.” Tina Neel, DVM, told police there were 40 people at the clinic at the time of the threat.

Oklahoma City Police Department Public Information Officer Capt. Dexter Nelson says Meyer and his wife had brought a stray cat they had been trying to nurse back to health to the clinic for treatment. “When he found out it had died he went ballistic,” Nelson says. The cat’s owner is unknown.

Nelson says Meyer’s arrest may result in a felony charge as the threat was made over the phone. “By using a phone, it’s a felony whether you have a weapon or not,” Nelson says. Meyer later arrived at the clinic and continued to threaten staff. Nelson said the threats were to inflict harm by firearm and possibly explosives.

Meyer was arrested at his home and taken to the Oklahoma County Detention Center. He has been banned from Neel Veterinary Hospital.