Merial issues statement regarding EPA advisory

Apr 23, 2009
By staff
Duluth, Ga. -- In response to an advisory recently issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about spot-on flea-and-tick products, Merial says it is working cooperatively to address any of the agency's concerns.
In fact, the company, along with the other makers of spot-on flea-and-tick control products, will meet with EPA officials in May.

"Although the EPA has stated that it has noted a 'sharp increase' in the number of reported adverse events associated with the use of spot-on flea-and-tick-control products, our records do not indicate that this is the case for Frontline, the company reports in a prepared statement.

"The number of adverse events reported per volume of sales has remained consistently low since the introduction of Frontline in 1996. Over 1 billion doses of Frontline have been sold, so there is extensive experience with the product in marketed use."

Merial's Pharmacovigilance Department analyzes and records all suspected adverse events reported to the company. Those reports are then forwarded on to EPA, Merial explains. Most of the reported events are not serious, the company adds, and they include mild skin irritation at the site of application, transient lethargy and vomiting. "Merial's policy is to record and report even the most minor adverse event," the company adds.