Merial releases feline leukemia vaccine with transdermal vaccination system

Merial releases feline leukemia vaccine with transdermal vaccination system

Jan 01, 2005
By staff

DULUTH, GA.—Merial, announces a new, non-adjuvanted feline leukemia vaccine to its Purevax, line of vaccines. Purevax Recombinant Leukemia vaccine is the first non-adjuvanted, USDA-approved, feline leukemia vaccine that offers the enhanced immune response of a transdermal vaccination system and advanced recombinant vaccine technology, the company says.

"The non-adjuvanted composition of Purevax Recombinant Leukemia vaccine reduces risks associated with adjuvants, such as chronic inflammation and vaccine reactions," says Zack Mills, DVM, executive director of Merial Cage Veterinary Services, North America.

The Vet Jet transdermal vaccination system creates a dispersion pattern that deposits vaccine directly into the immune-cell-rich layers of tissue without using a needle, the company says.

Purevax Recombinant Leukemia vaccine employs canarypox-vectored vaccine technology. This allows the vaccine to mimic natural infection, while taking advantage of the cat's entire immune system and prompting a broad humoral and cell-mediated response.

The broad dispersion enhances immune response through activation of both humoral and cell-mediated immunity in tissues traditionally bypassed with needle injections, the company adds.

"This rapid, targeted presentation of the protective antigen elicits a safe and protective immune response with a low dose of vaccine," Mills says.

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