Merial reports U.S. patent office confirms 'patentability' of veterinary flea and tick product

Jun 17, 2011
By staff
Duluth, Ga. -- Merial reports that the United States Patent and Trademark Office "reconfirmed the patentability" of formulation claims covering Merial's Frontline® Plus.

"The ultimate result is that we expect some of the products infringing the formulation claims to be removed from the market," says Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black, Esq. Merial's head of intellectual property.

The government statement confirms the patentability of Merial's inventions directed at fipronil and (S)-methoprene containing spot-on compositions, Jarecki-Black says in a prepared statement.

Merial reports that it is pursuing litigation to protect its patent on the popular flea and tick brand.

"We plan to continue to vigorously defend our patent rights and continue our strong support of the veterinary profession," she says.