More states consider veterinary sterilization laws for dogs and cats

Jul 29, 2011
By staff
National Report — More states are passing or considering legislation to mandate pet sterilization by veterinarians.

Arkansas’ Senate Bill 550, which took effect July 1, requires that any animal adopted through a pound, shelter, humane society or rescue group be sterilized before the adoption is completed.

In Louisiana, a previous sterilization law has been expanded. Effective Aug. 15, some dog and cat adopters will no longer be exempted from a law that requires pet sterilization for animals adopted or purchased through animal-control agencies or private animal shelters. Previously, adopters were exempt with a written agreement obligating them to care for any offspring.

Another bill promoting sterilization in Hawaii is still pending. Hawaii lawmakers are working to require sterilization as a condition of the sale of any cat or dog in the state. The bill has been stalled since May.