NCVEI online tools now help equine practices

Mar 01, 2003
By staff

Schaumburg, Ill.-Equine veterinarians will soon have access to online financial tools developed by The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI), thanks to an association grant.

NCVEI, a collaboration of four leading veterinary associations developed to boost the economic status of the profession, says it plans to extend use of its tools, specifically benchmarking capabilities, to equine practitioners with the $50,000 in funding it receives from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Until now, NCVEI's financial tools have applied strictly to companion animal practice. The analytic work for the equine benchmarking tools was just recently completed. The grant will fund the engineering and copywriting necessary to post those tools online.

Through the NCVEI Web site, www.ncvei.-org, veterinarians can access benchmarking tools at no cost. The analytical tools are designed to be practice management tools that enable the individual practitioner to compare his or her performance to prevailing standards and practices. Neither NCVEI nor its constituent associations suggest, advise or encourage users to respond to reported statistics in any particular manner.

The $100,000 grant, authorized by AVMA in late 2002, will apply in part toward NCVEI's inclusion of equine practitioners for its benchmarking tools, and also toward a promotional campaign to recruit and educate more general practitioners on the tools available from NCVEI.

Reacting to AVMA's recent grant, Howard Rubin, CEO of NCVEI, says he's "really pleased" by the opportunity to serve equine practitioners.

"Although the NCVEI has primarily had a companion animal focus so far, we've always had a deep concern about veterinarians who are not companion animal practitioners. The funding of the final benchmarking tools for equine practice will allow us to start down the road toward delivering on the promise to these AVMA members," he says.

To date, about 3,500 veterinary practices have used the NCVEI pricing and benchmarking tools.

NCVEI is the brainchild of the AVMA, the American Animal Hospital Association, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges and the Canada Veterinary Medical Association.