Nestle releases Friskies Feline Favorites

Jul 01, 2005
By staff

ST. JOSEPH, MO. — Nestle introduces Friskies Feline Favorites, a dry cat food that contains Carnation milk.

The product is a balanced meal and is safe to feed cats on a daily basis, the company says.

The new cat food is lactose-free and is formulated to be gentle on cats' digestive systems.

The new formula provides a balanced meal with flavors including chicken, seafood, liver and real Carnation milk.

The product is currently formulated for adult cats only.

"With new Friskies Feline Favorites, cat owners can feel secure knowing they are giving their cats the taste of milk they love in a food that is safe and gentle on their digestive systems,'' says Dr. Sandi Sawchuck, a Friskies spokesperson.

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