New fellowships aim to put veterinarians back into research fields


New fellowships aim to put veterinarians back into research fields

Sep 01, 2009
By staff
Denver -- A new program from Pfizer Animal Health and Morris Animal Foundation aims at putting practicing veterinarians back into fields of scientific research.

The Pfizer Animal Health-Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) Veterinary Fellowship for Advanced Study provides current practitioners with financial support to return to school for their PhD and a veterinary research career. Nearly $1.7 million is earmarked for the program over the next four years to try and meet the growing need for trained veterinary scientists, according to Pfizer and MAF.

"Many practicing veterinarians may wish to become veterinary scientists, but can't continue their educational journey due to financial constraints, such as high student debtm" says David Haworth, DVM, PhD, and director of global alliances for Pfizer Animal Health.

Recipients of the fellowship grants will earn $60,000 per year for four years to provide for their living expenses and tuition while pursuing their degree. The funds will be provided equally by MAF, Pfizer and the institution where the degree is being obtained, according to MAF. The atch is that, upon graduation, veterinarians must commit to remaining in animal health research fields for four years.

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