New hospital treats military working dogs

Feb 01, 2009

LACKLAND AFB, TEXAS — The new, 38,000-square-foot Military Working Dog Veterinary Hospital at Lackland Air Force Base is open to care for the 2,500 military working dogs in the United States and worldwide.

The hospital has surgical, imaging and therapy rooms and a breeding wing to meet a growing demand for bomb-sniffing and sentry dogs, which protect military bases, airports and other terrorism targets.

Diagnostic ultrasound, digital radiography and CT scans also are available.

With more than 800 dogs at Lackland and hundreds more around the world, the new hospital has been busy since opening last July, according to Jaime Cavazos, senior public affairs supervisor with MEDCOM public affairs.

The hospital cost more than $15 million and is staffed with airmen, soldiers and civilians.

Lackland is the world's largest training center for military dogs and handlers.

The facility replaces a 15,000-square-foot veterinary hospital built in 1968 and which quickly became overcrowded after 9/11.