New Jersey walks away from AVMA HOD meeting

New Jersey walks away from AVMA HOD meeting

Apr 01, 2012

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. — The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) made a quiet statement at the last AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting.

In fact, the association decided not to send any delegates to the national association's January House of Delegates session.

Why? Richard J. Alampi, of the NJVMA, reports the state association is waiting for AVMA to complete an evaluation of its governance structure. NJVMA called for this evaluation through the introduction of a resolution last July during its annual session.

Since then, NJVMA left its HOD seats open. NJVMA's Dr. Robert P. Gordon retired his seat in July 2011, and Dr. Mark Helfat was elected to the AVMA Executive Board.

Two New Jersey Executive Board members did attend the AVMA Leadership Conference, which was part of the January HOD session, AVMA reports.