New veterinary publication delivers different mix, voice

New veterinary publication delivers different mix, voice

dvm360’s sister publications team up to deliver a smart new publication. Welcome to (fun) evidence-based publishing.
Jan 01, 2016
By staff

After more than 100 years of thoughtful clinical content creation for veterinarians, Veterinary Medicine will cease print publication. But really, this is just the beginning for this legacy brand and its sister publication, Veterinary Economics. These two beloved publications are moving online—and teaming up in print to bring a new, next-generation publication to veterinarians.

Meet Vetted: VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred.

“You start to get a feel for our new approach in print from just these first few words on the cover,” says Medicine Channel Director Mindy Valcarcel, who develops clinical content for the entire dvm360 family—including dvm360 magazine,, Vetted, and the CVC conventions—and serves as editor of Veterinary Medicine. “With all the content we develop for Vetted, we’re leveraging emotion wherever it makes sense, which helps us make the critical information that veterinarians need more engaging as well as enlightening. And judging from the data we see on Web pieces that deliver information that’s both smart and fun, that’s a mix veterinarians really respond to. Who are we to argue?”

Valcarcel calls the team’s approach “evidence-based publishing,” because the new content is developed in response to concrete data in the market.

It’s in touch

“One of the most important things I think we can do is help veterinarians understand that they’re not alone,” says Business Channel Director Brendan Howard, who develops business content for the dvm360 properties. “That lesson particularly hit home with the feedback we received in response to the Burden of Care package in May 2015.” With that perspective, Howard says one key element of the Vetted approach is to continue to build a sense of community. “Our partnership with The Vet Confessionals project gives veterinarians and their teams an opportunity to get their burdens off their chest. Vetted builds on that effort and gives them the ongoing support and the career options, communication tools and business smarts they need to manage the particular challenges they face in veterinary practice today.”

It’s comprehensive

The team says key articles in Vetted combine clinical know-how with super-powered business and products information and pre-made tools. “The goal is to make veterinary practice easier in any way we can,” says dvm360 Content Director Marnette Falley.

Veterinary Economics and Veterinary Medicine are amazing publications that got their start by looking ahead,” Falley says. “I have to say, it’s a little scary to mess with a century of success. But when we look at the data about how veterinarians today consume information, we think we can do even better for veterinary teams if we leverage the lessons we learn from data. And at the same time, the mission of service to veterinarians hasn’t changed at all.”

Watch for your first issue of Vetted to arrive in January. Or confirm your subscription today at