Oklahoma Senate passes equine dentistry bill

Oklahoma Senate passes equine dentistry bill

Apr 02, 2010
By dvm360.com staff
Oklahoma City, Okla. -- A bill allowing non-DVMs to float horses’ teeth if they meet state certification requirements passed the Oklahoma Senate March 31.

HB 3202 also amends the Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Act to allow horse owners and their employees to buy and administer prescription sedatives often used in teeth floating procedures.

A law had been passed in fall 2008 making it a felony for non-veterinarians to practice any kind of equine dentistry in Oklahoma, but that law was overturned making the practice a mere misdemeanor.

The law was changed after several teeth floaters were arrested and equine owners made complaints to lawmakers. The Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association was primarily concerned at the time with monitoring drugs administered by teeth floaters and said it would work to find a new law that would work for both veterinarians and teeth floaters.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives approved the measure early this month. The bill will now heads back to the House for final amendment approval before moving on for Gov. Brad Henry’s signature.