One-year license suspension ordered for Kristen Lindsey

One-year license suspension ordered for Kristen Lindsey

Veterinarian in bow-killing case will also complete a probation period and required annual CE in animal welfare.
Oct 19, 2016

The Texas Board of State Veterinary Medical Examiners (TBVME) has ordered a one-year license suspension for Kristen Lindsey, DVM, the veterinarian at the center of a controversial bow-killing case. Lindsey will also be required to complete a four-year probation period with monitoring by a board-approved veterinarian, who will make quarterly reports to the board. In addition, she must complete an additional six hours of continuing education in animal welfare on top of the 17 hours annually required, according to Loris Jones, public information officer for the board.Lindsey testifying at an administrative hearing. Photo courtesy of Alley Cat Allies.

The TBVME reached its decision at its October 18 full board meeting, at which the board heard the terms of the proposal for decision the administrative law judges assigned to the case. In the proposal, the administrative law judges had recommended a five-year suspension of her license, with four years of that suspension being fully probated with quarterly reporting, required continuing education in veterinary jurisprudence and animal welfare or other such classes the board deemed fit. The judges also recommended a community service requirement of at least 100 hours to be completed at a feline rescue, free spay-neuter clinic or similar facility.

The judges’ recommendation came after an attempt to resolve the case in mediation failed, an administrative hearing was held, and Lindsey’s subsequent motion for a partial retrial was denied after the judges found Lindsey failed to show good cause.

The case against Lindsey began in 2015 when she posted a graphic update on her Facebook page about a supposedly feral cat that she’d shot and killed with a bow and arrow, accompanied by a photo of the smiling veterinarian holding her kill.

"My first bow kill ... lol," the post read, accompanying the photo of Lindsey holding the cat by an arrow that appeared to be shot through its head. "The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's [sic] head! Vet of the year award ... gladly accepted."

The public outcry was swift and overwhelming, though an Austin County grand jury wasn’t able to find sufficient evidence to charge Lindsey with criminal animal cruelty. The TBVME, however found Lindsey in violation and moved to revoke her license.

From here, Lindsey will have 30 days to appeal the TBVME decision, which she did through her lawyer following the conclusion of the October 18 board meeting.

Tiger killed by Kristen Lindsey

This is outrageous. She needs to LOSE her license. I hope that she never has another customer see her again when she gets her license back! I would never take my precious cats to this lunatic!

One-year license suspension ordered for Kristen Lindsey

Lindsey's license should have been revoked permanently. She clearly intentionally killed the cat and did not care if the cat suffered or not nor did she show remorse.

I would cringe at best at the sight of a low life like this much less a vet who is allowed to practice. I wonder how many other lives she has harmed or caused to die earlier than they would have if the pet had normal vet care. This woman is a psychopath. She should be in jail. I find this verdict beyond disappointing. It is clear to the public that she killed the cat and got off on it. That is sick. It is not the norm for vets to be this way and she should be banned for life not to be around animals period much less responsible for their care. Forcing her to do volunteer work with cats is not good for those cats. This woman not only has a hostile and arrogant attitude about feral and other cats but she kills these cats when she wants. Why would ANYONE put her into a situation to care of shelter cats who in her mind are feral and worthless. Who will be watching this nasty excuse for a human being while at the shelter. She is not to be trusted around any pet.

What does it take for this vet board to understand human and criminal psychology?!



While I do not advocate for what Dr. Linsley did, I do feel for her. As a result of this incident, and to be CONSISTENT, this is now what our profession/society demands.
1) ANY veterinarian who kills ANY animal with a bow practices cruelty. Just because this was a cat (and tugs our heartstrings), does NOT mean it is a cruel act and killing a deer is not a cruel act! You must demand charges against all Veterinarian hunters.
2) A roaming cat (even if observed multiple times) is not a feral cat and a Veterinarian must be capable of discerning between the two.
3) Any act to kill a feral cat demands license revocation.
4) A Veterinarian must be able to identify any and all client patients in all settings and at all times.
5) Because the degree of punishment relied upon this fact, any euthanasia/killing must be immediate and painless. Any delay or discomfort to the animal during euthanasia is cruelty and is punishable.
6) Any Board can and will practice outside the law.
7) Colleagues and the internet are far more cruel than any arrow.

I am sure Dr. Lindsey went to Vet school because she loved animals, busted her butt, like all of us, to get through, and then made a stupid mistake. She would take it back in an instant. The treatment she has received by her colleagues is deplorable. The consequences demanded by this profession are now outlined, but beware, what you now demand must be consistent and enforced upon ALL of you!

Dangerous precedent

I agree this knee jerk reaction and pandering to the mob mentality sets a very dangerous precedent. There is no doubt that she used very poor judgement, but the overreaction is even worse. this is similar to the dentist who killed a lion and his life war ruined.
MDs kill babies all the time, (in much more cruel and violent fashion) and don't lose their license.

entitlement and albert sweitzer

Ms. Kristen Lindsey:
It is with profound disturbance to see the image, of you an individual who supposedly has entered the veterinarian field to heal life standing proudly holding a cat you boastfully killed. Why should the law be less lenient to you? The look on your face both within and without the court of law, shows entitlement with no remorse. I would never bring any animal into you for treatment. And I pray that you find a contrite heart--through good actions, and long introspection on your sordid actions and attitude.

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. Albert Schweitzer

Kristen Lindsey

I am trying to have some compassion for Kristen, one can only hope that she is contrite for her actions. I think that she should seek employment in a lab setting and not hold out for future work at a clinic. Even if a veterinarian is willing to accept Kristen's past decisions and hires her ~ the majority of that clinic's clientele will not be so forgiving once she is recognized.


I know we are supposed to support one another and blah, blah, blah! But I'm furious that this woman may be able to reinstate her license some day. She does not represent the vast majority of veterinarians that would never have done what she did, let alone brag about it! Ms. Lindsey is a disgrace and embarrassment to the profession. She should never be allowed to work in a veterinary environment again, or any profession caring for animals! She has gotten off way too easy! It's bad enough that animal welfare laws are weak for the rest of the public caught harming animals, but a vet should be held to a higher standard. Ms. Lindsey is mentally ill, as far as I'm concerned, and should never be trusted with animals, or children, for that matter! I cannot believe the Austin County grand jury wasn’t able to find sufficient evidence to charge Lindsey with criminal animal cruelty! She bragged about it!!! She literally got away with murder! I hope the Texas board is smart enough to keep her from practicing ever again!

I understand why they can't

I understand why they can't revoke her license but criminal charges should be brought against her. Killing the cat was cruel, bragging about it was a sign of an unhealthy mind. You can't treat your patients with compassion when you appear not to have any.

bad vet

She shouldn't even be any where near any animals. She should go to prison. She is an unfit human being for murdering an animal.