Organizations rally to aid in fire recovery effort

Organizations rally to aid in fire recovery effort

Oct 29, 2007
By staff

San Diego - 10/29/07 - With the worst of the unprecedented wildfires extinguished throughout the county, relief and recovery efforts are now the primary focus of volunteers and the industry.

Veterinarians and organizations have donated their time to rescue efforts, providing shelter , supplies and funding for thousands of displaced animals in the fire-ravaged area. Three more groups have now stepped up to offer continued assistance.

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc., shipped about 50,000 lbs of pet food for companion animals impacted by the blaze, while the American Kennel Club and the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Support and Relief Fund is helping local disaster officials and shelters by providing supplies and funding for the recovery effort.

The American Veterinary Medical Association also reached out to pet owners, reminding them of being prepared to protect their pets in times of disaster.

"Animals are too often the forgotten victims of a natural disaster, and the AVMA wants to remind pet owners to make appropriate disaster plans that include their pets and livestock," says Dr. Heather Case, AVMA national coordinator of disaster preparedness and response. "The floods following Hurricane Katrina taught us that pets left behind during natural disasters often don't fare well. Unfortunately, many disaster shelters don't accept pets. So it's up to you to plan ahead and make sure your pets, horses and livestock can weather any emergency."