Partners for Healthy Pets announces growing membership

Partners for Healthy Pets announces growing membership

More than 3,500 veterinary practices have also joined PHP consumer campaign.
Nov 18, 2013
By staff

Partners for Healthy Pets announced that, to date, it has enrolled more than 3,500 veterinary practices. A nonprofit committee of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Partners for Healthy Pets, led by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), seeks to educate pet owners on the importance of preventive healthcare. It also announced that it now counts 105 local, regional and state veterinary medical associations, nonprofit foundations, colleges of veterinary medicine, corporate partners and veterinary trade media as supporting members.

“To witness our organization grow from about 20 members in 2010 when the collaboration began to more than 105 organizations and associations in just three years is both exciting and amazing,” says Ron DeHaven, DVM, MBA, chairman for Partners for Healthy Pets and AVMA chief executive officer, in a release. “It’s proof positive that our mission to communicate the value of preventive care, showing consumers it is just as important as food and love, is a vital message for the industry and the overall health of our nation’s pets.”

Partners for Healthy Pets is also utilizing a team of veterinary spokespeople to engage the consumer market. Partners for Healthy Pets spokespeople include practicing veterinarians Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro of Stamford, Conn., Dr. Karen Fling of Dallas, Dr. Apryl Steele of Denver, Dr. Tracey Hlede of Chicago and Dr. Ruth MacPete of San Diego. “These spokespeople are not only well-credentialed veterinary professionals, they are busy women balancing successful careers, families and more who can relate to many pet owners we hope to reach,” DeHaven says. “We’re extremely optimistic that their passion for the importance of preventive pet healthcare will help us extend our already successful campaign and message to pet owners everywhere.”

Partners for Healthy Pets launched a $5.5 million consumer campaign in September. The campaign primarily targets urban and suburban women ages 32 to 49 who already have a relationship with a veterinarian but who are not regularly seeking preventive care. The ads present pet care instructions: “Feed daily, yearly checkups, love forever.” The ads will run through 2014.

Veterinary practices can enroll in the program to support and participate in the efforts of Partners for Healthy Pets by signing up at Once enrolled, practices receive educational materials for their clinics and websites, along with monthly updates on the campaign’s progress and additional resources.