Peanut Wigglebutt tops list of wacky names for dogs

Peanut Wigglebutt tops list of wacky names for dogs

Veterinary pet insurance provider, VPI, shares stories of how policy holders named pets.
Aug 15, 2014
By staff

Peanut Wigglebutt

“When I first met Peanut, she was wagging her tail so hard that she fell over,” owner Christine Edwards of Columbus, Ohio, says of Peanut Wigglebutt. “She was the last puppy to go as nobody wanted her because she didn’t have much dappling and her ears hung to the side. I knew that she was meant for me.”

Edwards says Peanut Wigglebutt is a kleptomaniac. “We had a cable guy come to the house and ask if our dog was really a thief,” Edwards says. “He showed me his paper work and the previous guy had documented ‘watch out for the black dachshund, she steals screwdrivers!’”


Sir Hog Knucklehead

This dog received his name as a nod to Harley Davidson motorcycles. "Even before picking out our bulldog puppy about 10 years ago, we came up with the name Hog, the anagram for Harley Owner's Group," owner Kimberlee Landgraff of Tuxedo Park, N.Y., says. "Believe me, he eats, sounds and embodies the name Hog, which is what he goes by."

Kimberlee added Sir to the front of the moniker to make her pooch sound more official and finalized the name by adding Knucklehead to the end, in honor of a type of Harley Davidson motor. "We gave him a regal-sounding, yet fun-loving name," she says. "It fits him perfectly!"


Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce

Oscar Olland of Bensalem, Penn., paid homage to singer Beyonce's alter ego when he named his English Bulldog "Sasha Fierce." He added "Biggiepotamus" after noticing while taking a walk that her shadow looked like a miniature hippopotamus trotting along.


Otto Blitzschnell von Longdog

Thomas and Heather Rammer of Fairfield, Ohio, named gave their new puppy a name befitting the Dachshund's German heritage. "Blitzschnell" translates into "lightning fast," a fitting moniker for Otto.


Zippity Do Dawg

A Disney fan, Jill Hicks of Frazier Park, Calif., named her Queensland heeler after the popular Disney song, "Zippity Do Dah" from the movie "Song of the South" released by Walt Disney in 1946.


Airbubble McMuffin

A name created out of a brainstorming session of the most common dog names, specifically, bubbles and muffin, resulted in Shawn Smith, Waukegan, Ill., naming his mixed breed pooch, Airbubble McMuffin.


Hamburger Patty

Amanda Loyo of San Diego, Calif., and her husband Josh, usually call their English bulldog "Patty," but say she will respond to her full name as well. “When we take Hamburger Patty to the dog park, she loves greeting other dog owners, instead of playing with other dogs,” Amanda says.


Angus T. Brackencrack

One day while watching auto racing, Hazel Ion of Rimersburg, Penn., and her husband had a major breakthrough in naming their brand new puppy. A misinterpretation of a driver named "Hackenbrack," followed by a few good laughs, led to the birth of the new moniker, "Angus T. Brackencrack." Ion also calls her Newfoundland her "goofy newfie."


Mister Buddy Pickles

Sharon Hernandez of Land O’ Lakes, Fla., compromised when it came to choosing a name for her family's newest member. “My partner Jackie wanted to name him ‘Mister,’ my son and I liked ‘Buddy,’ and my daughter-in-law liked ‘Pickles,’” Hernandez says. “After sometime we decided to combine all three names—Mister Buddy Pickles.”


Waffle Dots

Audry Binderoff of Brentwood, Calif., named her goldendoodle after an exclamation from her husband. He once got up from a chair and declared he had "waffle dots" imprinted on his back. She decided right then she would name a dog "Waffle Dots."


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