Penn State equine survey to gather information on microchipping

Jul 24, 2007
By staff

University Park, Penn. - 7/24/2007 - The Penn State Equine Identification Program, to be held over the next year, will assess the the impact of microchipping horses for identification and tracking for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

The project will focus on three areas: an online survey, research gathered through 4-H program members and a microchipping demonstration.

Aimed to help gather opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of the practice, parents or guardians of members of the 4-H horse program, pony clubs or youth breed associations, any horse owners and those with a stake in horse ownership are all encouraged to complete the survey. It can be accessed at

Multiple Pennsylvania counties have been selected to microchip their horses, with tracking and tracing data to be gathered by 4-H members, their families and county leaders to assess the difficulty of the NAIS program. Participants will have an identification chip - about the size of a grain of rice - implanted in their horse's neck by a trained veterinarian at no cost.

The microchipping demonstration will be held during Ag Progress Days, on Aug. 15-16.

A database of livestock animals throughout the United States, the NAIS purpose is to help producers and animal health officials respond quickly and effectively to animal health events and assist with lost or stolen animals. Participation is voluntary; those who chose to participate would be quickly notified if a disease outbreak or other animal health event may put their animals at risk.