Pets Best names first-quarter winner of My Vet's the Best contest

Pets Best names first-quarter winner of My Vet's the Best contest

Tom Greek, DVM, win $1,000 prize to aid in the treatment of animals in need.
Jun 01, 2012
By staff

Tom Greek, DVM, of Yorba Linda, Calif., won the My Vet's the Best contest hosted by Pets Best Insurance for the first quarter of 2012. Greek was nominated by his client Liddy Kammar, who says she thinks of Greek as a fine veterinarian and a dear friend.

"He has a passion for all types of animals and wants to offer his high level of care at prices that are affordable to nearly anyone looking out for the well-being of their beloved pet," Kammer says.

Winner: Tom Greek, DVM, was awarded the My Vet’s the Best award by Pets Best Insurance; Photo courtesy of Pets Best
Greek will spend his $1,000 prize to help animals that are in need of treatment and are strays or whose owners don't have pet insurance and can't afford the costs.

"I feel very honored and thankful," Greek says. "This is very exciting. It gives us the opportunity to help animals in need that can't be helped otherwise. The concern there is, if there is no treatment, the animals are going to be suffering or the owners are going to opt for euthanization if they can't afford treatment."

Greek says he has always been a fan of pet insurance because it allows owners to pursue treatment and tests they may not be able to afford otherwise.

Greek was picked as one of six finalists by an internal Pets Best panel and then received the most votes on the contest's Facebook page.

The 2012 My Vet's the Best contest will award four pet owners and veterinarians the prize throughout the year. More information about the contest, nomination process and rules can be found at