Pfizer Animal Health releases Potomac Horse Fever vaccine

Pfizer Animal Health releases Potomac Horse Fever vaccine

Jul 01, 2004
By staff

NEW YORK-Pfizer Animal Health just released a Potomac Horse Fever vaccine called PHF- PHF-Gard™. Pfizer says the release provides an alternative to horse owners concerned about the potentially devastating effects of the Potomac Horse Fever. "With the introduction of PHF-Gard, veterinarians are armed with an extremely safe took, which has been proven in blinded control challenge studies to prevent this disease," says Dr. Jay Donecker, equine technical services veterinarian at Pfizer.

Pfizer explains that Potomac Horse Fever is an acute disease caused by bacteria called Ehrlichia risticci. Fresh water snails, biting insects and small animals are all suspects in the spread of the disease which often requires 9-12 days for incubation before symptoms appear, which include depression, transient high fever, loss of appetite, colic toxemia diarrhea and even laminitis.

PHF-Gard is available to veterinarians in 10-dose vials, delivered IM to horses one year of age and older.

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