Pfizer to discontinue ProMeris, a veterinary flea and tick treatment

Pfizer to discontinue ProMeris, a veterinary flea and tick treatment

Apr 20, 2011
By staff
Madison, N.J. — Pfizer will discontinue distribution of ProMeris, a topical veterinary flea-and-tick treatment for dogs and cats, by fall, the company tells DVM Newsmagazine.

“It currently doesn’t fit within the strategic animal-health portfolio,” explains Joseph Donner, a spokesman for Pfizer.

ProMeris was launched by Fort Dodge in the fall 2007 and was touted as the first spot-on topical using the active ingredient metaflumizone. ProMeris for Dogs also was indicated for the control of Demodectic mange mites and chewing lice.

When Pfizer finalized its acquisition of Wyeth's Fort Dodge Animal Health in late 2009, the brand was added to its veterinary product portfolio, which includes FDA-approved Revolution (selamectin) for control of heartworms, fleas and other parasites.

A study published recently in Veterinary Dermatology suggests ProMeris “has the potential of triggering a variant of PF (pemphigus foliaceus).” But Pfizer officials aren’t acknowledging a connection between the study and its decision to discontinue the product line.

“There is no response to that article at this point,” Donner says. “I think it’s under review.”

Pfizer began notifying veterinarians about the discontinuation of both the canine and feline formulations of ProMeris this month, but Donner says the company will fulfill current orders while supplies last, or until Sept. 20.

Pfizer has no plans to replace ProMeris with another similar product line, Donner adds.