Photo gallery: The top 10 veterinary schools in America (part 2)

Mar 18, 2011
By staff
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UC Davis
2. University of California, Davis

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has 524 students enrolled in the four-year course of academic study and clinical training leading to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Other teaching programs are the Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree for veterinarians and graduate degree programs in more than 17 disciplines. Faculty members based at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital treat more than 30,000 animals each year while teaching essential clinical skills to veterinary students and training residents in more than 30 specialties. Centers of Excellence focus on species interests or multidisciplinary themes to further teaching, discovery and service relating to food animal health/food safety, public health, equine health, companion animal health, wildlife and ecosystem health, animal welfare and more. UC Davis veterinarians pioneered the sciences of hematology, zoological medicine, urology, behavior, dentistry, hemodialysis, feline kidney transplantation, shelter medicine, small animal joint replacement, equine surgery, nutrition, emergency preparedness and other specialties. The School of Veterinary Medicine is also distinguished by discoveries about feline leukemia virus, simian immunodeficiency virus, rinderpest, mastitis, bluetongue disease, feline dilated cardiomyopathy, Lyme disease and other health challenges. Statewide service and outreach activities support farm producers, veterinarians, public agencies, agricultural advisors and consumers.

"The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is fortunate,” says Dean Bennie I. Osburn. “We draw a broad range of experts with a high level of expertise to teach our next generation of veterinarians. Building on our university's reputation for collaboration, our faculty consistently produce notable discoveries in veterinary medicine and innovation in veterinary education. The caliber and enthusiasm of our graduates reflect this commitment to animals, public health and the environment."

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