Photo gallery: The top 10 veterinary schools in America (part 7)

Photo gallery: The top 10 veterinary schools in America (part 7)

Mar 18, 2011
By staff
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5. (tie) University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin is located in Madison, the state capital, which has a population of about 208,000. Consistently ranked among the nation's "most livable" cities, its hilly terrain, scattered parks, and woodlands saturate the urban setting with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Centered on a narrow isthmus among four scenic lakes, the city is a recreational paradise. The university sprawls over 900 acres along Lake Mendota and its student population is nearly 45,000. It has rated among the top 10 universities academically since 1910 and is third in the country in volume of research activity.

The School of Veterinary Medicine facility has a modern veterinary teaching hospital, modern equipment, and high-quality lab space for teaching and research. The curriculum provides a broad education in veterinary medicine with learning experiences in food animal medicine and other specialty areas. The school pioneered a unique senior rotation in ambulatory service for fourth-year students where they experience the life and work of a veterinarian specialized in large-animal medicine by working in one of 22 practices near Madison. The school has an outstanding research program and many faculty members have joint appointments with the College of Agriculture, the School of Medicine and Public Health, the Regional Primate Center, the McArdle Cancer Research Institute, the National Wildlife Health Laboratory, and the North Central Dairy Forage Center. These outside connections provide research and job opportunities for students.

“The UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine is honored to be recognized as one of our nation’s best veterinary medical programs, a recognition that is a credit to our faculty, staff, our students, and our alumni,” says Dean Daryl D. Buss. “We are privileged to be a part of a public research university that routinely ranks among the top three in the U.S., and our close collaborations with such units as the School of Medicine and Public Health, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Engineering, and others create an extraordinary breadth of opportunities for our students and our programs.”

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