Photo gallery: What I loved best about CVC Kansas City

Photo gallery: What I loved best about CVC Kansas City

We asked attendees to tell us why they love CVC Kansas City and to share their favorite parts of the convention. Check out what they had to say!
Aug 28, 2012
By staff

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"I like the variety of classes offered, plus there’s lots of info about exotic animals, which really helps!"

—Trisha Hefley, DVM
Goodman, Mo.


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"I think CVC has good information and more exhibits than other shows."

—Michelle Lancaster, veterinary technician
Columbia, Mo.


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"I love that CVC has a ton of classes, diversity and great speakers. It’s lots of fun!"

—Jessica Cooper, DVM,
a brand new graduate in her first year as a
mixed animal practitioner in Moses Lake, Wash.


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"The lectures are great," says David Brown, DVM, of Davenport, Iowa, a 25-year veteran of CVC, who has been to every single show.


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"CVC gives you that 'Rah, rah, rah!' feeling. Now I'm ready to go back to my clinic and get to work."

—Teresa Strong, practice manager
Lamar, Mo.


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"Where else can you see this many exhibitors and speakers in one place?"

—Shawna Estep, RVT
veterinary technology program instructor
Crowder College in Neosho, Mo.


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These three technicians all went to college together in Colby, Kan., and reunited at CVC Kansas City. They loved the technician lunch and thought the sponsors did an excellent job getting the technicians involved in the discussions.

(pictured left to right) Leann Klenda, RVT, of Marion, Kan., Kelli Millsap, of Manhattan, Kan., and Trisha Carpenter of Brewster, Kan.


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"I went to Drs. Dave Nicol and Andy Roark's Medicine, Management, and Mojitos evening session. They're so funny. I also loved the session on cat-friendly practices and am going to log on to get the accreditation."

—Amanda Dyal, DVM
Green Bay, Wis.

Click here to learn more about the Cat Friendly Practice program.


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"Dr. Marty Becker talked about creating a fear-free practice. That's going to be revolutionary. Animals of my A+ clients love to come but every pet has to be fearless and want to visit the clinic in order for your practice to survive today. People go where their pets like to go."

—Aron Tallent, DVM, CVPM,
Conway, Ark.

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