Pigeon fever cases climb in Oregon

Pigeon fever cases climb in Oregon

Oct 23, 2008
By dvm360.com staff
Portland, Ore. -- Oregon equine veterinarians are seeing an increase in cases of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, or pigeon fever.

The bacterial disease, which can linger in a horse for months, has been on the rise sine mid-August with an average of three new cases every day.

Pigeon fever is difficult to manage due to its easy transmission and the fact that it can linger undetected in a horse's system for months.

Fly control is the primary focus of pigeon fever prevention.

Horse owners are being encouraged to use fly sprays, sheets and masks to prevent insect bites.

Owners also can use feed-through fly-control treatments to decrease the overall number of insects on the property.

Horse owners should wrap or cover open wounds on the horse and apply fly-deterring chemicals around the injury.