At Pounce, pet retailers will join veterinarians and pet owners in first-time expo event

At Pounce, pet retailers will join veterinarians and pet owners in first-time expo event

Organizers announce Human-Animal Bond Certification availability for pet retailers.
Aug 07, 2018

Pounce—the retail arm of Vet+Pet West, an animal health education and expo event being launched by UBM Animal Care and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC)—has recently announced that Human-Animal Bond Certification will be offered to pet retailers at the event. Vet+Pet West, to take place in the San Diego Convention Center Dec. 13-16, also includes Wag for pet owners and the Fetch dvm360 conference for veterinary professionals.

“Education will be central to the attendee experience at Pounce,” says Marnette Falley, executive creative director for dvm360. “We’re arming retailers to be thoughtful advisors to pet parents in a way that’s beneficial to pets’ health as well as to their own businesses.”

Currently offered to veterinary professionals by NAVC and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), Human-Animal Bond Certification is expanding into the retail marketplace for the first time at Pounce this December. The educational modules, created by experts in human-animal interaction science, will focus on the measurable benefits of pet ownership and human-animal interaction, and Pounce attendees will learn how best to use that knowledge in a retail context.

Attendees seeking Human-Animal Bond Certification will pay an additional fee on top of their regular Pounce registration, which features additional educational opportunities. An exhibit pavilion (located inside the Wag expo hall) will showcase products and services specifically for retailers, and Pounce attendees will have complete access to the Wag experience for consumers as well.

When it comes to exhibitors, UBM and NAVC are targeting companies that sell directly to consumers but that offer health and well-being benefits for pets, organizers say. Categories include pet tech, high-end nutrition, enrichment aids, pet wellness products and “apparel with a purpose” (such as paw protectors for dogs that hike)—items a veterinarian might recommend in his or her patients’ best interest but might not necessarily sell directly to the pet owner.

The audience for Pounce includes business owners who sell retail products in any capacity. This could include:

  • Groomers
  • Boarding facility owners
  • Veterinarians
  • Trainers
  • Pet store owners
  • Pet supply and accessory shop owners
  • Buyers for larger pet and general retailers

“We’re really excited to get all three of these groups under one roof,” says David Doherty, national sales manager for dvm360 and UBM Animal Care, whose team is selling exhibit space for all three shows. “Veterinarians, retailers and pet owners all have an interest in pet health but have never come together like this before. It’s truly groundbreaking.”