QUIZ: Are you a Schrader or a Yoho?

QUIZ: Are you a Schrader or a Yoho?

While both work in the interest of veterinary medicine, the two veterinarian-congressmen couldn't be more different politically.
Dec 03, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

Schrader voted for the passage of the 2010 healthcare law and continues to support its implementation. He has voiced his dismay over the law's website woes—specifically in his own state of Oregon. “After hundreds of millions of dollars put into this marketplace, Oracle and Cover Oregon must accept responsibility for their failures and owe the people and State of Oregon an explanation and apology. Oracle and every board member at Cover Oregon should be also prepared to work around the clock to get this right, or step aside and allow professionals who can get the job done to do so. Oregonians deserve better.”

During the shutdown in October, Schrader refused to support any continuing budget resolution that would defund the Affordable Care Act. He did however stand with a bipartisan group of legislators who proposed a budget resolution that amended the Affordable Care Act to eliminate the medical device tax in order to get the government back to work.

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