Recession signals modest cuts on pet care, survey says

Recession signals modest cuts on pet care, survey says

Dec 19, 2008
By staff
National Report -- Most pet owners (85 percent) are not cutting back on pet spending despite the recession, according to a new poll from the Associated Press and

What's the bad news? Of the 15 percent who say they are cutting back on pet care, nearly half are deferring routine visits to veterinarians. One in five of those respondents said they are putting off veterinary visits for serious problems. One in four said they are considering relinquishment of an animal because of financial difficulties.

The poll tapped the sentiments of pet owners regarding the recession and their relationship with the animal.

Other findings:

* 67 percent say they can comprehend their pet's "language.”

* 62 percent think their pet understands what they are saying.

* 48 percent of dog owners planned to buy a present for their pet this holiday.

* Only 28 percent of cat owners planned to splurge on a gift.

GfK Public Affairs & Media conducted the Poll in early December. The poll measured responses from 1,129 randomly chosen pet owners.