Salmonella in frozen reptile feed may have sickened pet owners in 17 states

Aug 04, 2010
By staff
Cleveland, Ga. -- Mice, rats, and chicks sold as frozen reptile feed may have been the cause of human illnesses in 17 states.

Testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Salmonella in frozen mice sold by Biggers & Callaham LLC, doing business as Mice Direct.

Frozen reptile feed was shipped in plastic bags with the following product codes: M-SP100, M-P100, M-PF100, M-F100, M-H100, M-W50, M-A50, M-JA25, R-P100, R-F50, R-PUP50, R-W50, R-S50, R-M20, R-L10,R-J5, R-C5, R-M3 followed by E9, F9, G9, H9, I9, J9, K9, L9 or A10, B10, C10, D10, E10, F10, G10, and whole frozen chicks in 25-count bags.

All products shipped after July 24 have been irradiated in a similar manner to raw food for human consumption to eliminate the chance of Salmonella, according to a Mice Direct spokesperson.

Consumers who purchased reptile feed from Mice Direct should call 888-747-0736 or email for instructions concerning this recall and for credits towards replacement of unused product.