Schering-Plough's HomeAgain releases Universal Worldchip

Schering-Plough's HomeAgain releases Universal Worldchip

Jul 16, 2008
By staff
Kenilworth, N.J. - Schering-Plough HomeAgain LLC released its advanced ISO (134 kHz) microchip to all its customers in the United States.

By introducing the Universal WorldChip, the company says its product is addressing recommendations from many major veterinary and animal welfare organizations. The unveiling of the ISO chip precedes the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) meeting in New Orleans this week. For the last several years, standardization with microchips and readers has been a subject of discussion during the group's House of Delegates meeting.

"Last year, at the AVMA annual meeting, we announced that HomeAgain would only be distributing our new Universal WorldScan readers, capable of reading all currently marketed microchip frequencies (125kHz, 128kHz and 134kHz), and also announced a broad-scale HomeAgain Universal Worldscan reader upgrade program to help ensure that all pets in the United States with a microchip and registration in a database service could be reunited with their families if lost," reports Steve Shell, vice president and general manager of HomeAgain.

"This year, we are pleased to be back at AVMA to announce to our veterinary and animal-welfare partners that we can now make available an ISO compliant 134kHz microchip, the HomeAgain WorldChip, for their clients in the United States."

The HomeAgain Universal WorldChip uses a patented BioBond® anti-migration technology, which allows the chip to form a bond with an animal's subcutaneous tissues to help prevent migration. Additionally, the one-piece syringe mechanism allows for injection in a one-step process that eliminates the need for needle-to-applicator assembly as well as any sterility concerns resulting from dropped needles and reusable applicators, the company reports.

The Universal WorldChip comes with a pet collar tag imprinted with the microchip's unique identification number.

"Veterinarians, shelters and HomeAgain members currently using the 125kHz HomeAgain microchip can rest assured that these pets continue to be protected by the HomeAgain Proactive Pet Recovery Network and enjoy all the services available with membership," Shell adds.