Shelters and veterinarians: A look at the data

Shelters and veterinarians: A look at the data

To take the pulse of the relationship between private practice veterinarians and shelters—a word we’re using broadly to include rescue groups, foster organizations, municipal agencies and more—dvm360 surveyed both groups. Here’s where things stand.
Nov 01, 2014
By staff


Reality check

It comes down to 1 thing- Anti-Trust violations!

How is this a level playing field?! The shelters mission statements to help HOMELESS pets does not match their actions ! They are merely lining their own pockets using tax free status and volunteers providing services to pets WITH homes and the financial ability to pay for vet care. Just hang out in their parking lot for 1 day and watch all the nice new cars pulling in. Where does the 1.8 million dollar budget ( verified by their website) go each year as their facility turns away homeless pets for lack of space and is dirty and debilitated?! Why is their ONLY solution to everything is to give services away free or low cost??? Why do they REWARD BAD behavior ??! We all know that is not how you would train a pet - no less human behavior!

Fine help homeless pets and the poor....but with NO income verification you just open your doors to the public at large. Just try doing that by offering free or low cost root canals, crowns, or dental cleanings to the mass public.....I bet the dental lobbyist would shut that down quickly !

Pet ownership is a Privileged not a Right. So lets make people take responsibility for their pets. Vet Medicine is dirt cheap and very accessible to all compared to human medicine!