Strangles Testing

Strangles Testing

Jul 01, 2004
By staff

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., in conjunction with its equine-focused reference laboratory, Equine Biodiagnostics, is now offering two unique new tests that allow equine practitioners to quickly detect and confirm Streptococcus equi (strangles) infection in their patients, and then quantify S. equi antibody levels.

The new IDEXX/EBI S. equi PCR and Culture ID Test can reduce the time needed to identify and isolate contagious horses or asymptomatic horses shedding intermittently, the company says. The IDEXX/EBI S. equi ELISA Test, the only commercially available S. equi ELISA test, measures the immune response to the SeM protein, the major virulence factor of S. equi. This quantitative test, performed on serum, provides antibody levels as titers in one of five different categories.

This test is useful to practitioners who suspect recent infections or recent vaccinations, the need for booster vaccinations, purpura hemorrhagica, metastatic abscesses (bastard strangles) or Streptococcal myositis, the company says.

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