Survey says pets more reliable than people

Survey says pets more reliable than people

Feb 01, 2011

Toronto, Ontario — More than half of Canadian pet owners polled recently by Harris/Decima say animals are more reliable than people.

The study, conducted for Purina and, is said to offer new insight into the human-animal bond.

Ninety percent of Canadian pet owners revealed that they talk to their pets, and one-third of those respondents said they confided their deepest secrets to their four-legged friends. Survey respondents say their pets help them improve relations with other people, and 41 percent credit their pets with helping them initiate a new relationship with someone. Sixty-one percent say their neighbors talk to them more when they have their pet with them, according to Purina.

Sixty-one percent also say their pets lift their spirits when they are feeling down, and 30 percent would bring their pets to work with them if they could.