Texas A&M clones first U.S. horse

Texas A&M clones first U.S. horse

Apr 29, 2005
By dvm360.com staff

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS - 4/29/05 - Texas A&M can add a horse to their list of cloned animals.

French and American researchers worked together to create a foal with biopsied skin cells from a horse in Europe. The project took 400 attempts, creating six embryos, with only one successful birth.

The surrogate horse's gestation lasted 12.5 months, more than a month longer than the common horse-gestation.

The foal was named Paris, Texas and was born March 13, making it the first cloned horse born in North America.

The university previously cloned the first cat, several litters of pigs, a Boer goat, a disease-resistant Angus bull, the first Brahma bull and a deer.

The birth of the bay-colored colt allows the university to lay claim to being the first academic institute to clone six different species.

The foal is privately owned and was created using nuclear transfer.