Texas A&M veterinary college nails full accreditation from AVMA

Texas A&M veterinary college nails full accreditation from AVMA

Apr 02, 2009
By dvm360.com staff
College Station -- Full accreditation was granted to Texas A&M's college of veterinary medicine, the college reports.

The AVMA's Council on Education's accreditation review for all veterinary programs in the United States measures 11 standards and is conducted every seven years.

Part of the accreditation process forces schools to demonstrate that curriculum, outcomes, public health and safety were aligned with the school's mission and goals.

"The accreditation process is a lengthy, but essential, part of providing the very best veterinary medical education for our students," says Dr. Eleanor Green, Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M in a prepared statement. "Our success with this process is a credit to the effort of so many faculty, staff and students who committed their time to preparing the report, hosting the site visit team, and responding to the accreditation team's questions. The accreditation process is an important tool in our strategic planning process, and we couldn't be happier with the AVMA's report. To continue as a leader in veterinary medical education, we have to ensure that we always look for innovative ways to advance learning in our institution, to set the bar for others, and to be aware of how we measure against others."

Participation in the accreditation process is voluntary for academic institutions. However, graduation from an AVMA-accredited program is a prerequisite for licensure for professional practice through the majority of state licensing boards and credentialing agencies.