Tips and tools to be a happier veterinarian

Tips and tools to be a happier veterinarian

Your advice from the 2015 dvm360 Job Satisfaction Survey.
May 01, 2015
By staff

> “I have designed my practice so that 30 hours is considered full-time for pay and benefits. This way my employees can experience life balance.”

> “I heard Louis C.K. say of his comedy one day: ‘This can be anything you want.’ And realized: it could. I became determined to be happy at work and fired problem employees, laid out my vision, and tried to solve problems differently. I asked for help and found it. Sometimes we forget we are ultimately in charge of our own lives, and fully responsible for our own happiness.”

> "Maintain your boundaries and fight for you work-life balance."

> “Utilize veterinary technicians to the fullest extent of their education. This lowers stress because it frees you up to do what you went to school for—be a DVM.”

> “If you need help, ask for it. Whether it’s from your spouse, friend, co-worker or God.”

> “Take time off. Find a boss that has at least a trace of concern for your welfare. If you work for a prick like I do, stop and find another job.”