The toughest jobs: Idaho TV station focuses on work of large-animal veterinarians

Dec 01, 2008
By staff
Pocatello, Idaho -- A recent televsion news series on Idaho's toughest jobs from KPVI-TV -- an NBC affiliate here -- featured veterinarian Dave Stanley.

KPVI reporter Todd Blackinton shadowed Stanley, a large-animal practitioner from Blackfoot. The report showcased the steps veterinarians take when preg-checking cattle, the hazards of the job, as well as the shortage of large-animal veterinarians.

But, according to Stanley, the toughest part of job is euthanizing pets because it is such an emotionally charged event for most families.

Other tough occupations featured in the series included: 7th grade math teacher, long-haul truck driver, search and rescue diver and grave digger.

To see the video interview, click here