University of Missouri teaching hospital leaves a light on for clients and their ailing pets

Aug 27, 2009
By staff
Columbia, Mo. -- The University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital’s new Barkley House is a home away from home for out-of-town pet owners whose animals are receiving treatment at the hospital.

Originally envisioned as a full-scale Victorian home, Barkley House was downsized to reduce costs and speed up its availability. It's now a single retrofitted room at the nearby Stoney Creek Inn and Conference Center.

Guests and their pets who stay in the room will find special features like nonporous floors for easy clean-up, hypoallergenic bedding for owners and pets and basic supplies like water and food bowls, a litter box and a pet bed.

Part of the nightly rate benefits Barkley House.

Attendants at the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony also saw the room’s private door and green space as well as a library of books geared to pet owners.

University of Missouri veterinary oncologist Dr. Carolyn Henry spoke at the ceremony about how she got the idea for Barkley from watching an owner who struggled to drive her Great Pyrenees to the hospital for radiation treatments.