U.S. pledges nearly $200 million to avian influenza


U.S. pledges nearly $200 million to avian influenza

Dec 11, 2007
By dvm360.com staff

New Delhi - 12/11/07 - The United States has pledged another $195 million to internationally fight avian influenza , bringing the country's total donations since 2005 to $629 million.

The funds will support the efforts of international organizations, non-governmental groups and others to strengthen global preparedness and response to avian flu and a potential human pandemic.

The donation was announced during the New Delhi Ministerial Conference on Avian and Pandemic Influenza, held Dec. 4-6. Seven other nations and the European Commission also collaboratively pledged $410 to the cause.

The pledges are valuable additional infusions to sustain the energy of what is proving to be an epic process of building our capacity globally," says Dr. David Nabarro, United Nations system coordinator for avian and pandemic influenza. "But we are also looking for longer-term commitments to improved animal health and human health security beyond the kind of pledgings done at this conference, and to longer-term development assistance in these areas."

In addition to the United States, the following pledges were announced: European Commission, $116 million; Japan, $69 million; United Kingdom, $10 million; France, $7.5 million; Germany, $4.3 million; India, $2 million; Norway, $1.75 million; and Greece, $441,000.