USDA imposes horse transport rules

USDA imposes horse transport rules

Feb 01, 2002
By staff

Horse owners will want to take heed of several new rules on the care of horses destined for slaughter.

As of Feb. 5, 2002, the United States Department of Agriculture is imposing the rules which include prohibiting the transport of those that are under six months of age, severely debilitated, likely to give birth during transit, or blind in both eyes. Horses must have access to food, water, and rest for six hours, immediately prior to loading. Animals in transit for more than 28 consecutive hours must be offloaded and given rest for six hours.

Other rules include separation of stallions and aggressive horses during transport; forbidden use of electric prods; use of double-deck trailers for moving horses will be phased out by 2007.

Penalties for non-compliance can range up to $5,000 per violation.

For the complete set of rules, visit USDA-APHIS online at