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Articles by Michael W. Dryden, DVM, MS, PhD

Michael W. Dryden, DVM, MS, PhD

Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Tick of the Month: American Dog Tick? It's Out There
June 13, 2014

The American dog tick is the primary vector for several diseases

Focus on residual activity: Case study data reveal a clearer flea control picture
March 1, 2009

A dog in Tampa, Fla., had a severe flea infestation. An area flea-counting system was used to evaluate pet flea counts.

Flea control history form (PDF)
March 1, 2009

Use this form to gather a thorough history about flea control.

How you and your clients can win the flea control battle
March 1, 2009

Why do fleas sometimes persist in an environment even when you think you and your client are doing everything right?


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