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Articles by Steve Dale, CABC

Steve Dale, CABC

The final word on 20/20: How veterinarians should respond to negative press
January 21, 2014

Two simple but savvy media lessons for veterinary practitioners thrust into difficult discussions about the profession—in the exam room or on TV.

Journalist speaks out about recent 20/20 segment on veterinary upcharging
December 10, 2013

Steve Dale argues ABC doesn't answer all necessary questions in recent show criticizing veterinarians.

Solving the Latino problem in veterinary medicine
August 27, 2013

Latinos visit the veterinarian less than other Americans, according to some attendees at the 2013 Banfield Pet Healthcare Industry Summit. But at least one study says different.

6 ways to pitch preventive care to cat owners
June 26, 2013

Clients often think their indoor-only cats don't need regular veterinary visits. Use these tips to explain the importance of preventive care—and start seeing more felines in your practice.

Who suffers most from the rising cost of veterinary care?
June 20, 2013

When pet owners can't afford basic healthcare for their animals, the pets suffer—but so do the people.

It's all about trust with veterinary clients
March 12, 2013

Good clinical skills count, but establishing a bond with clients is the best way to keep them coming back.

Environmental enrichment key to friskier felines
February 19, 2013

Help your veterinary clients with these simple tips to keep cats healthier and happier indoors.

Get more cats into your veterinary clinic
January 21, 2013

Cats aren't getting the care they need. Here's how to improve the statistics.

Tips for clients bringing home baby
January 15, 2013

Before the baby comes, share these tips with clients.


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