Veterinarian Raker honored by ACVS Foundation

Nov 19, 2007
By staff

Rockville, MD - 11/19/07 - It's official. Charles Raker, VMD, Dipl. ACVS, is a legend in veterinary surgery.

Raker received this year's (ACVS) Foundation Legends Award, which recognizes ACVS diplomates who have developed a surgical or diagnostic procedure of significant value, proven by becoming the treatment or test of choice for a given condition. The award is granted by ACVS Foundation Board of Trustees for a procedure or test that has "withstood the test of time" and, while perhaps modified over time, remains the treatment or diagnostic method of choice or the scientific basis for the current treatment of choice.

ACVS says in a prepared statement, "For decades, Raker was considered the expert on most upper respiratory surgical techniques applied to the horse. His wisdom about such treatments and his vast case experiences from New Bolton Center gave him unsurpassed credibility. Dr. Raker authored or coauthored numerous papers in refereed journals and unselfishly mentored and encouraged others to present these new ideas."

Dean W. Richardson, DVM, Dipl. ACVS and lead surgeon for the team that treated Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro , says Raker "was the pre-eminent expert in equine upper airway problems for many years, but he also was a pioneer of joint surgery in horses. Most importantly, he served as a member for those that followed him. He actively encouraged the development of new technologies by his younger staff and gave selflessly to all of his residents, interns and students. None of those who worked with him has any doubts that he is a legend of veterinary surgery.

Dr. Raker graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 1942, and was in private practice in Norristown, Pa., until 1950. He then joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty as assistant professor and director of Clinics at Bolton Farm in Falsington, Pa. When New Bolton Center was acquired, he became the center's director of Clinics. In 1954, Dr. Raker was appointed head of the Large Animal Clinic, and two years later, he was appointed chairman of the Department of Surgery.

Dr. Raker was instrumental in the formation of the American College of Veterinary Medicine and is a charter diplomate.

Past years' recipients of the ACVS Foundation Legends Award are Martin P. DeAngelis, DVM, of Village Animal Clinic in Ardsley, New York, for his work on the surgical correction of the anterior cruciate ligament rupture in the dog and George Wilson, VMD, MSc of Columbus, Ohio, for recognition of the perinealurethrostomy procedure in cats.