Veterinarian records song to benefit pets with cancer

Veterinarian records song to benefit pets with cancer

Profits from the iTunes release will help families pay for pets’ cancer treatments.
Sep 19, 2013
By staff

Veterinary oncologist Joshua Louis Lachowicz, DVM, DACVIM-Oncology, combined his two passions—veterinary medicine and music—into an original song released today on iTunes to benefit pets with cancer. Known as Joshua Louis when performing as a singer/songwriter, Lachowicz founded the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation (JLACF) in 2011 to raise money for families in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of cancer treatment after a pet’s diagnosis. Lachowicz says all profits from the song’s sales on iTunes will go directly to the foundation.

“Cancer affects millions of animals’ lives each year,” Lachowicz says in a release. “More than 20 percent of animals over 5, and 40 percent over 10 years old will die from cancer.” Lachowicz practices at BluePearl Veteirnary Partners in New York City. He became an oncology specialist in 2006.

“All of us at the JLACF are volunteers, and we do this because we love animals and understand the importance that our furry friends have in our lives. Countless studies have documented the relationship between animal companionship and human physical and psychological health,” Lachowicz says. “Those in need span all age groups, and we believe they should be given the opportunity to spend more quality time with their loved one.”

The song, titled "Tomorrow" is available on iTunes. An accompanying video is available on YouTube.