Veterinary disaster planning highlights debut of News Zone at CVC Washington

May 07, 2011
By staff
Washington, D.C. -- It's just a matter of time for the next natural disaster to impact the United States, says Dr. Karen Iovino, team commander of the National Veterinary Response Team 2, a federal team coordinated through Health and Human Services.

The high probability of another catastrophic event makes it important for veterinarians to make sound contingency plans to cope with a disaster response, whether it impacts their communities or practices.

Iovino made the remarks during the debut at's News Zone, powered by DVM Newsmagazine, at CVC Washington D.C. on May 6-7.

The News Zone featured short presentations by first-responder Dr. Patrice Klein, team leader of the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team 2 (VMAT-2); Donna Dyer, LVT, of VMAT-2; Jill Burgess, a solo practitioner who rebuilt her practice following a catastrophic flood; and Power Hour speaker Dr. Marie McCabe, who talked about her experience following the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Attendees had a chance to learn about disaster planning, the national and state disaster response system, animal rescue, and common medical problems associated with disasters.